6 Simple ways you can reconnect with your partner

When a couple sees me for counselling, two of the main reasons are to improve communication, and help staying connected with each other. 

Too often we can find ourselves in a rut so to speak and with no idea how to get out of it. Sometimes all it takes is a change in routine, an increase of stress at work or complications in other relationships like a falling out with a friend. Other times the issues can run deeper like a new baby, a new job or body image issues. The important thing to note, is that it’s different for every relationship and there’s no one easy fix. 

Here are some ideas to try with your partner if you feel that the connection between you could be improved whether it be lacking on your end or the other:

  • Organise a date with each other – how long has it been since you spent some quality time together, alone, out of the house?
  • Do something nice for the other person – think hard about something that would mean a lot to your partner. Think things like renting a movie they’d like to watch, ordering something for them online for them to receive in the mail like a book or something they’ve mentioned they’d like or cook them their favourite dinner or dessert.
  • Touch your partner – yes I know I this might sound obvious, but even in the most strained relationships a simple hold of a hand, playing with their hair, rubbing their back or arm or a kiss on the cheek or forehead can move mountains.
  • Say thank you – again, this may be a no brainer, but you might be surprised to realise that if you’re having some troubles, the manners and gratitude go out the window a little.
  • Ditch the devices – there’s nothing worse than looking over at your partner and they’re immersed in their phone, or realising you’ve been speaking to yourself for the last 5 minutes. If you need to, make an agreement that for a certain amount of time you will simply be with yourselves.
  • Listen – I’m not just talking about being quiet while the other person is talking (even though you need to do that too), I’m talking about actively listening. Show them you’re listening by being involved and asking questions about what they’ve just said to you.

These are just a few suggestions, there are many more ways you can show your partner you are committed to them and your relationship.

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