Do you struggle with family time?

Sometimes making time for the family to do things together can be a bit of a struggle. There always seems to be other things that “need” to be done “right now” which pushes back spending time together, sometimes to the point where family time is non-existent.

Sometimes you get there though, whether you’ve done everything you think you have to do or you leave the washing for another day, the kids get all excited and then you realise you’re stumped for something to do.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Unfortunately kids can rely on their iPads a little too much, or their favourite TV show or movie. The imagination is gone and they have no idea how to think “outside the box”.

I recently found this article and its something we have started in our house. Its a “Family “Fun Box”!

Its very easy to do, all you need is:

  • a box

Yup, your hard work is over already. Then you get the kids to add their favourite games, DVDs and maybe some treats.

If you’re feeling super creative and organised, you can also add some activity coupons to help with the ideas. (guess what! you don’t even need to create these, the link for them is in the article too!)

Take a look, have a read and see how excited your kids get the next time its Family Time!




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