The Truth About Why You Never Have Time Alone With Your Partner

I would have to say that 90% of couples that come to see me for counselling don’t spend enough quality time alone with each other.

I’m not talking about that hour or so you get of a night once the kids have been bathed and finally are asleep in bed.

I’m talking about being alone, no kids around, no one to hold your hand except for your significant other….. alone.

Dates be it day or night, don’t and wont happen unless someone plans for it. Now trust me I know that sounds pretty common sense, but you would be surprised to know that most of those couples who come to see me also aren’t actually planning for those nights out.

Lets start from the beginning.

  1. Have a look at your calendar –  be it one on your wall that you physically write on or a calendar app on your phone (my personal favourite is a synced calendar between my husband and I so we know whats happening in the family).
  2. Pick a few ideal dates that you would like to go on a date with your partner on
  3. Let your partner know of these dates and ask them which one works for them
  4. Complete my poll below for some ideas on what your ideal date would look like
  5. Actually make reservations, find someone to mind the kids, and get excited!

You’d be surprised how much spark it creates just having that date booked in! Actually having that date to look forward to, that alone time just the two of you.

Now get planning, and enjoy your date 🙂

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