Online Community brings Support when its needed most

These days social media is filled with, well everything we seem to ever need.

Recipes, news, sports, politics, articles from every expert and guru you could ever imagine and so much information that we could never, ever make our way through even if we wanted to.

This kind of flooding of information can very easily lead to overwhelm, especially if you have a problem and you are looking for a solution or simply to get it off your chest.

I designed this Support Community to help those who may not feel they need to come in to see me for counselling but still may feel overwhelmed at times and may need some support from like minded people who are also feeling the same way.

Now I don’t want you to think that this group is all doom and gloom, definitely not. I also encourage members to post about their wins. Everyone loves to be cheered on when they are doing something well or have achieved something. For some people, encouragement and pat on the back are few and far between in their lives, so I hope to fill that gap a little.

Each day has been given a discussion topic, this is not to say you are restricted to only post about this topic, it is simply to encourage people to come forward if they are having a hard time or alternatively want to post a win when they may not want to draw too much attention on any other given day.

Here are the topics, all you need to do is include the hashtag to your post.

Daily Discussion Topics

Monday – #goalsettingandmotivation

Tuesday – #selfcare

Wednesday – #planningandtimemanagement

Thursday – #selfesteemandbodyimage

Friday – #affectionandintimacy

Saturday – #familytime

Sunday – #parentsandcarers

The group is open to all, we would love to welcome you, please accept this as my personal invitation.

I look forward to chatting with you



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