Why sometimes love just ain’t enough…

No matter how your relationship story started, you fell in love and had big dreams for your future together and what it held for you both.

Sometime has passed and now you feel lost, confused and perhaps a little bewildered as to why things aren’t going to plan.

You may feel disconnected from your partner, affection and intimacy may not be as frequent and you may feel you are like housemates as opposed to the partners you once were.

What could have possibly gone wrong?

When did this all start?

There are many factors that can cause conflict in your relationship.

Some of these factors are:

  • work: changes in demands or position, workplace issues such as harassment or bullying, stresses regarding additional training requirements or salary negotiation
  • family/in-laws: differences in values and morals due to upbringing, conflicts in family demands or needs, cultural differences
  • children: differences in desire for having children, conflicts in parenting styles, difficulties with children’s behaviours and stresses on how to parent
  • communication: personality differences, conflict styles, lack of compromise, lack of basic communication skills

There are many of these factors that can be worked through and resolved, but in some cases there are non-negotiable differences that cannot.

The key is to working out where your issue falls.

I want you to imagine this for a moment…

Imagine you are speaking to a stranger about your inner most feelings, your deepest and darkest fears and your wants and needs in your life and your relationship.

That likely made you feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

But now imagine this…

Imagine you and your partner have found resolutions to some issues that have been impossible to in the past.

Imagine you and your partner being able to work towards a more aligned future together.

Imagine you and your partner having the skills to work together to try and resolve future issues that come up.

Are you feeling more hopeful than uneasy now?

I encourage you and your partner to not give up just yet.

I encourage you and your partner to try something new.

I encourage you to make a booking either with myself or another Relationship Counsellor and give your dreams and future together another chance.

If you want to check out my availability or book online, please click the button below, I would love to meet you and your partner and help you in your journey forward.

Wishing you all the very best,

Leisa Macnamara

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