4 Questions to ask yourself when you feel you’re losing your way

At some time or another, possibly even today, you might be feeling like you’re on auto-pilot. You might be feeling like your life is the same everyday, you have no joy, no laughter and like your slipping into darkness.

Let me assure you, most, if not every person has felt like this at some time.

You are not alone in this.sunflower259

I want to share with you some questions I find myself asking when I realise the slump I’m in:

  1. Why do I feel like this? – Try to see if you can pinpoint a few things in your daily or weekly life that could be bringing you down. Sometime common causes could be- not catching up with friends or at least not having plans in place to see them, getting bogged down by housework and duties to keep the house running, having a lack of self-esteem and not treating your body right.
  2. What do I have in my life that I can be grateful for? – Make a list somewhere of the blessings that you have in your life right now. If you struggle to add anything to your list I encourage you to go online, you’ll see homelessness, poverty, starvation and worse, this I’m sure will have you putting the simple things in life that we take for granted everyday like; a home, food on the table, a family, if you have children they are a huge blessing and if you have someone who loves you then you are truly blessed.
  3. How can I use these feelings in a positive way? – Feeling like you’re at the bottom, and then realising the thoughts or actions that can put us there, can make for some rather positive changes in our lives. If you for example, realise that you are feeling down about yourself, you know (yes you do) that the way to feel better is to treat your body kindly, to eat better and move more.
  4. Who do I have in my life that I can talk to? – Sometimes we have many friends or family around us, and sometimes we dont. Let me assure you, just because you might have an abundance of people around you, it doesnt necessarily mean that you feel comfortable telling any of these people your deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings. That’s very ok, and quite normal. If you do have people you can feel at ease with and trust, then please talk to them, they will be grateful that you trust them and if they are true to you they will try to help you however they can. If you dont have anyone you feel you can talk to, there are people out there, like me, that you can talk to. Sometimes having someone to talk to that doesnt know you can be refreshing, it can feel like there’s no bias and they only know you.

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