7 Ways You can Clear out for a Clear Mind

Clearing out old bits and pieces in your home can give your mind the freshening up it needs.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and I can almost see your eyes rolling at the thought, BUT, rewards for your hard work can be instantaneous!

Imagine this for a moment;

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased energy
  • Increased motivation
  • Sense of contentment
  • Sense of accomplishment


Aaaaahhhhh……. can you imagine what it feels like to have those things?

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, here’s my 7 tips on how to get there.

  1. Pantry – Ok so we all have those items that have been in our pantry for EVER and a day, why not clear them all out and donate them to your nearest homeless shelter or charity store? I do this at least once a year and its amazing how great it feels to not only tidy those shelves up, but to help those in need as well. They’ll definitely appreciate it.
  2. Kitchen – Does anyone else seem to collect appliances that they’ve maybe only used once or twice? They take up so much room and really, if you’re not using it, you don’t need it. The same goes for those chipped mugs and dinnerware that you avoid using, unless its a special mug with great significance to you, (like the many mothers day and fathers day mugs we have in my house) why not donate those to the charity store as well.
  3. Linen Cupboard – Who has good towels and crappy towels? The good towels are saved “in case” someone comes to visit, and the crappy towels get used daily by the people who actually live in your house. One solid piece of advice that I’ve always remembered from my nan was, “never save anything for a special occasion. Burn the pretty candles, use the fancy towels, because you deserve to enjoy them” I have moved the crappy towels to the garage to be used as rags, and we all enjoy the lovely fluffy towels. You’d be surprised how awesome it feels when you get out of the shower.
  4. Bookcases – Who has bought books thinking they would read them and they havent. Or DVD’s that you’ve watched and would never watch again. A big one for me was CD’s. I had a tonne of CD’s, I kept the ones that meant a lot to me and the rest I sold off on a Facebook sale page in my area. All of my CD’s had been imported to iTunes years ago anyway and I just use my phone or iPad whenever I want to listen to music.
  5. Wardrobe – This one needs little explanation, am I right? hahaha. Clothes, shoes, accessories, unless you wear them, they all need to go. Those charity stores would love to have them or if they are of some value there are a lot of Facebook sale pages to choose from.
  6. Bathroom – Not many people are aware but makeup and body products have a lifespan. On the back of your products you’ll see a little icon of a container with a lid, right next to that it should say 12M or 6M etc. This is how many months the product can be opened for before you need to say adios to it. Yes, I was shocked too, my cupboard was just about empty when I found this out, and as you can imagine my bin was full to the brim. Lets not think too much about the quality of those expired products that we have been putting on our bodies!
  7. Garage – At my house, this job is usually a family event. We all get out there and pitch in and before we know it we have found things that the kids forgot we even had. The trick is to hold off playing with them until its all done hahaha. Seriously you’d be surprised how having a tidy garage can make such a difference to how you feel when you get home. After all, for most people its the first thing they see when they get out of their cars.

So, I challenge you to take these 7 steps in your home, one step at a time, and see how you feel.

I’d love to read your comments below on how things went for you in your home.

Chat soon,


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