Music for your mind and how it can help you

Have you ever noticed how a particular song can give you goosebumps….make you smile….or put you in a fabulous mood?


Music can bring up memories of loved ones, memories of events in our lives that made us happy or sad, or change our whole mindset before the chorus has even begun.

What’s even more interesting is, that there is no particular set of rules as to what kind of music has what affect on us. Classical can be relaxing for some whereas heavy metal and rock can ease the minds of many others.

Music has been proven to boost productivity and is played in many workplaces with impressive results. Employees are not only more productive, but their motivation, desire to succeed and group morale are increased. The right kind of music can even increase your child’s learning capacity while studying. They can be more relaxed and committed to their work.

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I truly believe that you should have many different playlists on your phone, iPod, or other musical device. One for each of your moods, or rather, the moods you want to put yourself into. Yes you can put yourself into a different mood with music. It does take a willingness to surrender though. But once you’ve decided that you’re going to let go of those negative feelings you’re on your way.

Give it a try next time you’re feeling down, put on some music that lightens your heart, make you want to dance and makes you sing in the front seat of your car like no one can see you.

I highly recommend it and would love it if you commented below with your favourite music and what it does for your mood.

Enjoy the music, like Jimi Hendrix said “Music is a safe kind of high”

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