A Paper House – How support helps you to reach goals

Earlier this evening my 5 year old daughter asked me to help her with a project. She wanted to make a paper house.

We sat on the loungeroom floor amongst all the supplies she thought she would need to make this house. Paper, scissors, sticky tape and textas. 

It didn’t take long for me to realise, she didn’t actually need me or even want me to help her but just wanted me there. I sat and smiled while she cut out the paper, folded it, and you could almost see her brain working as she thought about how to actually put this house together. 

Her house has 4 walls, a roof, a door and windows. She was so proud of her creation, and told me she had made it for daddy and I, and asked me if I loved it. “I do! It’s an amazing house” I replied. 

Watching her create and complete her project and seeing how she was after achieving this project that she had held in her mind, made me think about so many things that we do as adults.

How many times have you had something you wanted to work on, but just felt you needed someone there with you. 

  • To be there to offer support if needed
  • To encourage you if you had doubts
  • To keep you company
  • To throw your ideas at to get some feedback
  • To keep you accountable to keep working towards your goal
  • To be there when you triumphantly reached your goal so you had someone to celebrate with

Now have a think, look inside, when was a time when you didn’t have that someone there to offer these things to you.

  • Did you achieve your goal?
  • Did you struggle to keep working towards it?
  • Did you maybe not even start, feeling that you were on your own and it was too daunting?

This is not new, you are not alone in this, this is common.

It is common for someone to seek help, to ask for guideance, to throw ideas at, to be there when there’s no one else.

I offer support and counselling, often in this very way and it’s nothing to look down at.

People achieving their goals is exciting, rewarding and it increases self-worth.

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Please leave a comment below with how receiving support has helped you achieve your goals.

Leisa Macnamara

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